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Guangdong donggang furniture (group) co. LTD

Guangzhou donggang furniture industry co. LTD

Contact person: liu qing

Phone: 18588880549

Telephone: 020-31103521
Telephone: 020-31103522
Telephone: 020-31103523


The enterprise QQ:1228866767

Email address:1228866767@qq.com

Marketing center: E506, one of the 346 north panyu avenue, panyu district, guangzhou city

Production base: donggang industrial park, 92 zhaoyi road, dongsheng town, zhongshan city

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Donggang production line
Donggang production line


 Donggang furniture produces and solid loading furniture and hotel furniture collocation of the veneer of sending out a kind of brand-new elegant breath, focus on solid furniture product comparison of each part design, including a variety of decorative panels pop elements, all show the donggang furniture, fixed furniture, veneer manufacturing process perfect, those classic products from barlow card hotel furniture understanding of fashion, embodies the barlow card fixed furniture is enduring, impeccable veneer classic fashion status!

Donggang furniture. Official website;(http://www.gdsdg.cn)(Chinese site:http://www.东港家具.cn), donggang furniture, hotel furniture, fixed furniture, decorative panels, wood veneer, wooden doors, engineering wood doors, plywood doors, composite doors.

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Phone: 18588880549  Contact person: liu qing
Address: E506, no. 346 panyu avenue north, panyu district, guangzhou city   Zip code: 511442
Telephone:020-31103521 / 020-31103522 / 020-31103523   email:1228866767@qq.com   柏德口腔
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