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Guangdong donggang furniture (group) co. LTD

Guangzhou donggang furniture industry co. LTD

Contact person: liu qing

Phone: 18588880549

Telephone: 020-31103521
Telephone: 020-31103522
Telephone: 020-31103523


The enterprise QQ:1228866767

Email address:1228866767@qq.com

Marketing center: E506, one of the 346 north panyu avenue, panyu district, guangzhou city

Production base: donggang industrial park, 92 zhaoyi road, dongsheng town, zhongshan city

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Phone: 18588880549  Contact person: liu qing
Address: E506, no. 346 panyu avenue north, panyu district, guangzhou city   Zip code: 511442
Telephone:020-31103521 / 020-31103522 / 020-31103523   email:1228866767@qq.com   柏德口腔
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